Caradon and Liskeard Mines

Caradon and Liskeard Mines

South Caradon Mine worked from 1837 to 1885. It was the extraordinary copper riches found at South Caradon Mine that were responsible for the rapid development of the Caradon Mining District. Over a period of fifty years its copper output ranked third in Cornwall

The granite dome of Caradon Hill dominates the surrounding countryside. Engine houses, chimney stacks and thousands of tonnes of waste rock tips encircle the hill. As does the bed of the Liskeard and Caradon Railway, built to link the mines with the copper-ore port of Looe.

The commercial success of the South Caradon Mine sparked a rush of mines being named with the magic word "Caradon" in their title. They were seeking the same lodes as South Caradon and hoped to attract investors. A practice that became known as "market mining". Mines that sprung up, but that were never hugely sucessful included:-

* Caradon Consols
* Caradon Vale
* East Caradon
* Great Caradon
* New West Caradon
* Glasgow Caradon Consols
* New South Caradon
* The Caradon Mine
* West Caradon Mine
* Wheal Caradon Mine

Of these mines East Caradon, West Caradon and Glasgow Caradon proved to be the more successful.

EAST CORNWALL: Bodmin Moor, Caradon & Liskeard
Name of Mine Principal Shafts Chief Produce Notable Minerals
Caradon Great Consols (West Rose Down)   COPPER  
East and West Caradon   COPPER  
South Caradon Jope's, Kittow's, Rule's, North Engine, Clymo's, Pearce's and Engine shafts COPPER  
Glasgow Caradon Consols   COPPER  
Craddock Moor Mine, St Cleer      
Gonamena Rickard's and Jope's shafts COPPER & TIN  
Hawkswood Mine (Hawk's Wood Mine), North Hill      
Marke Valley Salisbury's Shaft, Old Engine Shaft COPPER & TIN  
North Herodsfoot   SILVER-LEAD Galena
Great Onslow (Great Michell) Consols, St Breward      
Parson's Park Pit (Parc St Neot Pit)      
Penhale Mine      
Phoenix United Mines Prince of Wales, Seccombe, West's, & Old Sump Shafts COPPER & TIN Manganese
Great Roughtor Consols, Davidstow      
Sharptor Mine, Linkinhorne      
Treburland Mine, Altarnun      
Tregardock   LEAD & COPPER Galena
New Trelawny Mine, St Ive      
North Trelawny Mine, St Ive      
Shallow Water Mine, Blisland      
Trevaddoe Tin Mine, St Neot      
Wheal Bray, Altarnun      
Wheal Jenkin   TIN  
Wheal Ludcott, St Ive      
Wheal Mary Ann, Menheniot      
Wheal Trelawny (incl. Wheal Honey), Menheniot      
Wheal Vincent, Altarnun      
Wheal Wrey, St Ive      


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