Marke Valley Mine, Caradon

Marke Valley Mine

Marke Valley Mine was on the north side of Caradon Hill. It consisted of Salisbury Shaft, West Rosedown Mine and Wheal Jenkin. Copper and Tin was mined here throughout the 1800's.

Is in the parish, of Linkinhorne, 6 miles from Liskeard and 7 from Callington. the nearest port is at Looe, 16 miles away. The Caradon and Looe mineral railway ran near the mine. The geology is Killas and granite.

The mine was leased for 21 years at a royalty of 1-18th.

Three lodes on the sett and work was principally on two, producing tin and copper. The lodes ran east and west. The cross-course runs North and south, and produces Quartz.

3 shafts were sunk. There were several levels driven. The company was on the costbook system, and consists of 9,000 shares.

Secretary John HARDING of Salisbury
manager James SECCOMBE Liskeard
Chief Agent James STENLAKE, on the mine

1881 Wheal Jenkin reopened as part of Marke Valley Consols Mines Ltd who ran the mines to the Northeast of Minions. The output was small, as were the numbers employed. By 1890 the mine was closed and there were no subsequent attempts to rework the lodes.

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