North Herodsfoot Mine, Caradon, Cornwall

North Herodsfoot Mine

Herodsfoot Mine has produced lead and silver for over three hundred years. Herodsfoot Mine was about 300ft deep in the early 1800's, and reached its peak output from 1847 to 1884.

Originally waterwheels were employed for pumping and hoisting but a 40-inch beam pumping engine was introduced. This 40 inch engine was replaced by a 60 inch engine in 1864. By 1870 the deepest levels were almost a thousand feet down, and the mine employed 150 men. Early in the 1880s, part of the site appears to have been worked separately as North Herodsfoot mine.

Today the mill leats and crumbling buildings, engine houses and two chimney stacks remain, half-hidden in the woods.

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