East Caradon Mine

Caradon Mine

East Caradon

1840: Following a major copper find at South Caradon, a trial adit was dug by a Mr. Crouch.

1844 The trial did not discover ore and the sett was abandoned.

1851 Another company formed in attempt to find copper.

1860 East Caradon commenced production after extensions of the South Caradon lodes were discovered. By 1862 there were 180 employed which rose to 250 in 1865. The mine at West Caradon had 250 employees in 1844, and by 1851 there were 363 men, 83 women and 107 children working at the mine. Between 1845 –55 45,000 tons or ore were sold.

1863 Excessive share speculation results in an important stannary court case against the mine.

1864 Production peaks at 5933 tonnes of copper ore with a value of £34791.6

1865 A 48" and 30" steam engines are recorded to be in operation pumping water and a 242 on winding/stamping.

1866 Industrial unrest "At the East Caradon and Marke Valley mines on Monday last, three pitches at each mine were refused by the men, and the price offered, not being increased, the whole of the men at both mines turned out on strike, and have note resumed work.....The managers of the whole of the mine in the Tavistock district and many in the Liskeard district have signed a resolution not to employ men belonging to the Society". West Briton 2nd March 1866

1882 Maximum workforce recorded at 63 employees of which 40 are underground workers.

1885 The mine forced to close due to rising water caused by the closure of South Caradon, and the switching off of their pumps. The Liskeard and Caradon Railway also closes as its existence was dependent on the wealth produced by the South Caradon mine.

1889-90 An attempt to rework the mine as part of a combined sett with Glasgow,South and West Caradon failed.

1907/8 Budd and Co. operates the mine as the East Caradon and Marke Valley mine. A re-working that also fails.

The 1907 work appeared to have consisted of a hunt for new lodes. Assay pits have been dug on Caradon Hill in a systematic manner. These pits exist West of North shaft and on the Eastern slopes below the mine. Only two men were involved in this work

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