Glasgow Caradon Consols Mine

Glasgow Caradon Consols Mine

Glasgow Caradon Consols Mine is in the parish of St-Ive, 4 miles from Liskeard. The nearest port is Looe, 15 miles away. And a railway ran to Caradon, on the Liskeard and Caradon railway.

The mine was leased from John Elliott for 21 years, at a royalty of 1-18th.

The geology around it is granite and killas. There were ten lodes on the sett, which ran east and west. Plus several cross-courses running north and south.

One shaft was sunk; the engine shaft to a depth of 65 fathoms. The mine was worked by steam, with a 40-inch pumping engine and a 24-inch winding engine.

The mine was worked by a limited liability company with 40,000 shares.

manager William TAYLOR Glasgow Caradon, Liskeard
Secretary John E WATSON 33 Renfield Street, Glasgow
Consulting Engineer T Currie GREGORY c.e. f.g.s. Glasgow
Agent William John TAYLOR on the mine

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