Cambourne, Cornwall Mines

Wheal Jane - Wheal Jane is perhaps famous for its brief re-birth as a tin mine between 1969 and 1991


Mines and Mining In Cornwall


Camborne and Crowan Area
Name of Mine Principal Shafts Chief Produce Notable Minerals
Camborne Vean (including Wheal Frances) Western; Engine; New Engine; Town and Eastern shafts COPPER 1845-85 & TIN 1857-84  
Carn Camborne Western; Engine and Wheal Harriet Eastern Shaft TIN & COPPER  
Great Condurrow Woolf's (Neame's); Smith's; Hope's & Vivian's shaft TIN & COPPER  
South Condurrow (Old Tye) later renamed King Edward VII Mine Plantation; King's; William's; Fraser's & New shaft TIN & COPPER  
Dolcoath Williams', Valley, Old Sump, New Sump, New East, Wheal Killas, Roskear, New Roskear, Dunkins Footway Shaft and Wheal Harriet
COPPER, TIN & SILVER Bismuth, Wolfram, Galena, Arsenic, Cobalt & Amethyst

North Dolcoath

Silver shaft COPPER & TIN Wolfram & Silver
Grenville United Fortescue's, Goold's and Marshall's COPPER  
Gustavus Mines Weeth; Wheal Kitty; Adit and Hartley's shafts    
South Roskear Gregory's; Woods'; Footway; Flat Rod; Dunstan's; Vivian's, Roskear New & Pendarves' shafts TIN & COPPER  
North Roskear (Tolvaddon) Blewett's; Paul's; Footway and Daylight shafts TIN & COPPER Galena, Jasper & Opal
Stray Park Mine Wheal Gons; Footway; Old Engine; Old East; Old Dolcoath and Eastern shafts TIN & COPPER Until 1870  
South Tolcarne Taylor's shaft & Gossan shaft TIN & COPPER Pyrites

Wheal Crofty

Engine, Valley & Adit shafts TIN Wolfram
South Crofty 1854-1998 Blight's; Sincock's; Sump; Robinson's; Rutter's and Palmer's shafts TIN  

North Crofty

New Cook's Kitchen; New Cook's Kitchen Engine shafts; Richard's; Petherick's and Trevenson shafts



Wheal Gerry

Wheal Gerry Skip & Old shafts

Wheal Pendarves United Simm's shaft TIN  
Wheal Seton Simmons'; Carlyon's; Tregonnings; Footway; Barwell's shafts TIN & COPPER  
West Wheal Seton Mitchell's; Old; Hidderley & Harvey's shafts TIN & COPPER  
East Wheal Seton Cartwright's; Basset's; and Engine shafts TIN & COPPER  
Crowan Parish      
Binner Downs   COPPER  
Carbona Mine      
Clowance Wood   COPPER  
Crenver & Wheal Abraham   TIN & COPPER  
Oatfield Mine      
Pengelly Great Work Mine   TIN  
South Crenver   COPPER  
Trenoweth Mine      
Wheal Millet   COPPER  
Wheal Sarah      
Wheal Treasury   COPPER  
Wheal Vrawz   TIN