Camborne Vean & Wheal Francis Mine

Camborne Vean & Wheal Francis Mine

South Wheal Frances lies roughly in the middle of the Great Flat Lode with its area bounded to the northeast by the sett of Wheal Basset and to the southwest by Grenville United sett.

Lady Frances Bassett, the mineral Lord, offered a lease on the land in 1834 and although there had been workings in this area since the early 1720's, this new lease offered a chance to make a viable business.

1847, a pumping engine house containing a 75-inch cylinder was built at Marriott's shaft and pumped water from Pascoe's shaft as well as Marriott's. Ten years later, a 24-inch winder was installed nearby.

The Great Flat Lode was first encountered in about 1872-74, although its extent was not truly realised at that time.

As the profitability of the mine improved, it built a winding engine house at Pascoe's shaft in 1879 and a pumping engine house - housing an 80-inch cylinder in 1887.

In 1892 the company reformed as South Frances United after it amalgamated with Wheal Basset in 1895. South Wheal Frances continued to hoist the ore whilst crushing and ore dressing took place a mile or so away at West Basset Stamps.

South Wheal Frances today is a group of buildings centered on Marriott's shaft. Remaining buildings include the Boiler House, Compressor House, the Miner's Dry, Smithy and winder house as well as the bases of the ore bins.

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