Duchy of Cornwall Income and Expenditure 2004 - 2005

Taking the information given on the Duke of Cornwall 's official site, we can see that


Duchy of Cornwall 13,274 11,913
Grants-In-Aid 2,381 3,856
Government departments 307 292
Total income and funding 15,962 16,061


Official duties and charitable activities   6,145,000  
Grants-In-Aid:   2,381,000  
London office and official residence 1,242 000    
Official travel by air and rail 1,059 000    
Communications support 80, 000    
Overseas tours and military secondees   307 000  
Official expenditure     8,833,000
Tax and personal expenditure     5,226,000
Total expenditure and tax    


1. "Grants in Aid" are from the government for the running of his offices, they appear as income and expenditure in the accounts, and hence wipe each other out.

2. An analysis of The Prince of Wales’s income from the Duchy of Cornwall between the principal asset categories is as follows:

Commercial properties 44%
Agricultural land and forestry 28%
Residential properties 14%
Financial assets 14 %
Total 100%

3. Expenditure - £3.814 million was the cost of the staff. The Prince of Wales employs 135 full- and part-time staff in his Household, which equates to 122.9 full-time staff. Of these, 93.6 support him in undertaking official duties and charitable activities and 29.3 are personal staff for himself, The Duchess of Cornwall and Prince William and Prince Harry. Of the official staff, 5 are seconded without charge by the Armed Servicesand one is seconded without charge by
another organisation.

4. There is additional charity work. The Duke of Cornwall 's Charities , and a list can be found on folling that link.

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