Duchy of Cornwall - Overseas tours and military secondees - £307 292

The £307,292 cost is made up of MOD charge of £221,000 and a Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) charge of £86,000. Overall this appears to be fiscally neutral in the Duchy accounts - in other words it appears in income and expenditure.

The Duke of Cornwall has the services of 2 Equerries (one full-time and one part-time) and three of the four Orderlies are seconded from the armed forces. Their role is to assist The Prince of Wales in undertaking official duties.

In addition the Equerry and Temporary Equerry also provide a point of contact for military and defence issues. The Prince of Wales maintains close links with the Armed Forces, both in Britain and in the Commonwealth. It sounds a bit like a Gilbert and Sullivan Opera, but he holds the following ranks

The FCO charge of £86,000 in 2004-05 was for official tours to Italy, Jordan, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. These visits are undertaken at the request of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to build on and strengthen overseas relations.

The Prince of Wales conducts around eight Investitures at Buckingham Palace each year, and also attends state functions on behalf of The Queen. The Equerry’s Office is responsible for the arrangements for these engagements.

Duchy of Cornwall Income and Expenditure