Staff - Duchy of Cornwall

The prince employs the full time equivalent of 86.6 people, at an average cost of £71,000 per head per year. How much is salary and how much "expenses is not broken out in the accounts.

The Prince of Wales pays income tax voluntarily on the income of the Duchy of Cornwall. This appears to have been done in order to head off any move by Parliament to legislate. The income from the Duchy of Cornwall is used to meet personal expenditure for The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, and Princes William and Harry.

Personal expenditure includes the salary cost of 29.3 full-time equivalent personal staff, including personal secretaries, a chef, grooms, valets, gardeners, farm staff and estate workers and staff for The Duchess of Cornwall and Princes William and Harry. Personal expenditure also includes the appropriate share of the cost of Highgrove House and Birkhall, and of maintaining the estate and garden at Highgrove.

In addition, personal expenditure includes the cost of the Duke of Cornwall and Princes William and Harry playing polo. The Prince of Wales now plays polo only to raise money for charity. The results of Home Farm, The Prince’s organic farm on the Highgrove Estate, are included under this heading. It is a working farm established by The Prince of Wales to demonstrate the commercial and environmental benefits of organic farming.

In 2004-2005 the Duke of Cornwall entertained just under 7,400 guests at Clarence House and other royal residences. This includes receiving official guests and foreign dignitaries, giving dinners and concerts connect to his charities. There were 68 receptions, seminars, lunches and dinners, ranging from small lunches to events for many hundreds of guests.

Staff work seven days a week, including most evenings, with a week on/week off rota worked. The cost of staff who assist The Prince of Wales in a private capacity is allocated to personal expenditure.

As at and for the year to 31st March 2005

  Equivalent Full-time Staff Official Costs
Private Secretary and Assistants 3.0 -
Private Secretaries’ Office 18.1 1,434,000
Finance and Administration 23.1 1,505,000
Communications 9.0 561,000
Master of the Household’s Department 36.4 2,645,000
Charities Office 7.0 -
Total 93.6 (86.6 actually charged) 6,145,000

Duchy of Cornwall Income and Expenditure