Travel Grant-In-Aid to Duchy of Cornwall - £1,059 000

The Travel Grant-In-Aid is provided by the Department for Transport to meet the cost of official royal travel by air and rail.

Official travel by car for The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall is paid for from his income from the Duchy of Cornwall. It is not clear why there is the distinction here between cat and other forms of transport.

The Prince's official engagements involve significant amount of travel. In 2004-05 he travelled 65,700 miles to and
from official engagements in the UK and overseas. This figure includes 44,600 miles of overseas travel. It is the cost of these journeys that comes under the £1.059 million grant.

This figure includes the variable costs only for journeys undertaken using 32 Squadron, The Queen’s Helicopter or the Royal Train. The fixed costs are allocated to another budget, a bit like you only paying for the petrol costs on your car, and someone else paying for the depreciation, garaging, maintenance, etc.

Duchy of Cornwall Income and Expenditure