Pendeen Consols Mine, Cornwall

Pendeen Consols Mine, Cornwall

Pendeen Consols is an old mine dump near the beach. Very litle remains of it today except for the dumps, only a few meters away from the Pendeen lighthouse. These dumps contain connellite, brochantite, chalcopyrite and some other mineral specimens.

1854 Richard Greenwood; formed company, Pendeen Consols

1856 Kellys Directory. Pendeen Consols Copper and Tin Mines, St. Just, Cornwall. The depth of this mine is 40 fathoms. A steam-engine has been erected.

1860-1864 William Eddy James Warren. Pendeen Consols (Cornwall) Chief Agent

1864 William Eddy James Warren; manager Pendeen Consols

1864 Samuel Borlase(landowner Pendeen Consols)

1907 Boscaswell United Tin & Copper Mines, Ltd included the setts of North Boscaswell, Pendeen Consols, Trease, Calartha Farm, Boscaswell Downs, Calartha Common and Portheras.

St Just Area Mines, Cornwall