Fraddam, Cornwall, Mines

Fraddam Mine Cornwall

A number of references can be found to mines in the Fraddam area

Western Providence Mine was worked from 1851 to 1883, producing 11,535 tons of copper and 790 tons of tin. Extensive waste tips are located on either side of the road from Fraddam to St Erth Praze.
Ref.: B. Atkinson: Mining Sites in Cornwall, Vol. 2, Dyllansow Truran (1994).

Wheal Carpenter. A small mine which has a recorded history starting in 1792-1798. The next recorded working was from the early 1800's to 1818. And again from 1850 to 1855. The mine is known to have produced copper, tin and silver ores. But the only recorded output is 1230 tons of copper ore. The silver ore was in the form of capillary native silver. Engine (Red) lode (east-west) is intersected by a Crosscourse lode (north-south), this is where the silver may have come from. Silver mineralisation associated with the north-south crosscourse faulting, is not unknown in Cornwall. The site is now largely distroyed.

Wheal Strawberry

Wheal Providence


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