St Ives, Zennor, St Erth Mines, Cornwall

St Ives, Zennor, St Erth Mines, Cornwall


St Erth, St Ives, Zenor
Name of Mine Principal Shafts Chief Produce Notable Minerals
Alfred Consols, Phillack      
Balnoon Mine (Vorvas Downs Mine; Warvas Downs Mine), Carbis Bay      

Carn Galver Mine, Zennor

Carrack Dews (Carrick Du) Mine      
Chynoweth Mine, St Erth      

Ding Dong Mine

Ishmael's, East Killiow, Providence, Hard, Jacobine, Highburrow, Greenpease, Bolitho, Wheal Boys, Greenburrow and Old Engine Shafts
Goole Pellas Mine      
Gurlyn Mine, St Erth      
Gurnards Head Mine      
Hawk's Point Mine      
Mellanear Mine, Hayle      
Mellanoweth Mine (Angarrack Mine; Wheal Maggot)      
Morvah Consols      
Pendarves & St Aubyn Consols (incl. East Rosewarne Mine; Wheal Duffield)      
Relistian Mine (Relistien Mine)      
Rosevale Mine      
Rosewall Hill Mine (Ransom United Mine; Union Mine)      
Rosewarne Consols      
Rosewarne and Herland United Mine (Old Herland Mine; incl. Drannack Mine; Bowling Green Mine; Prince George Mine; Manor Mine; North Herland Mine)      
New Rosewarne Mine, Carnhell Green      
St Ives Consols Mine (incl. Wellesley Mine; Wheal Mary)      
Treloweth Mine, St Erth      
Trelyon Consols      
Tregerthen Zennor 1872      
Trevascus Mine      
Trevarrack United      
Treveal Zennor/Towednack 1836      
Treven Mine, St Erth      
Trewey Downs/Consolidated - Zennor/Towednack Sn 1906–10      
Tundra Zennor Sn, 1913      
North United & Gurnard's Head (Gurnett's Head) Mine      
West Providence Mine, Fraddam      
Wheal Alfred      
North Wheal Alfred      
Wheal Alice      
Wheal Ann (West Alfred Consols)      
Wheal Bell, St Erth      
Wheal Carpenter, Fraddam      
Wheal Cleveland - Zennor 1845–58      
Wheal Dollar Zennor 1823–25, 1834–41      
Wheal Elizabeth, St Erth      
Wheal Emily      
West Wheal Fanny Zennor 1852–53      
North Wheal Grylls Zennor 1864      
Wheal Hope Zennor 1845–48      
Wheal Kitty      
Wheal Lemin (Wheal Lamin; North Unity Mine)      
West Wheal Lucy      
Wheal Margaret      
Wheal Mary      
Wheal Merth      
Wheal Nut (Bosworgy Mine; Lewis Mine), St Erth      
Wheal Penwith, St Erth      
Wheal Prosper      
Wheal Providence, Fraddam      
Wheal Racer      
Wheal Reeth, Cripplesease      
Wheal Sandwich - Towednack/Zennor 1836      
Wheal Speed      
Wheal St Andrew      
Wheal Sperris (Wheal Sperries; Wheal Sandwich)      
Wheal Squire, St Erth      
Wheal Strawberry, Fraddam      
Wheal Trenwith      
Wheal Tule, St Erth      
Yankee Boy - Zennor Sn 1896      
Zennor Consols (Carnelloe Consols; Carnellow Consols)      

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