Penhalls Mine, Cornwall

Penhalls Mine

Penhalls Mine and Wheal Kitty are located on Goonlaze Downs

Penhalls Mine in the parish of St-Agnes; the nearest railway station is at Scorrier; is in 5,000 shares. Purser J NEWTON St-Agnes. Manager S BENNETT. Agents W HIGGINS and P VIAN. Accountant Arthur GRIPE. Engineer T JAMES St-Agnes. Secretary J HICKEY 22 Austinfare London

Joseph Collins to return to Cornwall in 1904. He became Chairman and General Manager of the cost- book company which worked Wheal Kitty and Penhalls mines at St Agnes. He was also a Director of East Pool and Agar mine, the surface buildings of which have been restored by the Trevithick Trust, and he was largely responsible for putting that mine on a sound footing, due to the discovery of the Great Flat Lode in the northern part of the sett.

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