Wheal Kitty Mine, Cornwall

Wheal Kitty Mine

West Wheal Kitty mines includes about 30 older setts, including Wheal Rock, Wheal Kind/Kine and New Wheal Kitty

The tin veins at Wheal Kitty were profitable, and the mine at Turnavoare was reopened to exploit the same veins.

Sara's shaft engine house once housed a 65inch engine which was second-hand from a mine near St Hilary.

Wheal Kitty Mine is held under a lease for 21 years at royalty of 1-15th. The depth of the mine is 180 fathoms below adit. The country is granite, the known lodes in the sett are numerous, running in various directions. This mine is worked by four steam engines of 34-inch 28.5 inch 20-inch and 20-inch cylinders. The only mineral found is tin. The company is on the costbook system, and consists of £1,024 SHARES OF £4. Purser James B COULSON Penzance. Agents William ROSEWARNE and Philip RICHARDS. Surface Agent William EDMONDS. No appointed Manager There are 160 persons employed.

Wheal Kitty Mine is held under a lease for 21 years from 1871 at a royalty of 1-22nd; it is now worked for tin and copper. The company is on the costbook system, and consists of 4,295 shares, with £5 4s 6d paid
Purser R H PIKE Camborne. Manager W TROGUE Pencallevick near Truro. Resident Agent Stephen DAVEY. Sub-Agent John WILLIAMS. Secretary Edward KING. The London offices are at 22, Austinfriars

1882, Wednesday 26th July. The mine dinner for Wheal Kitty mine was had at John Paul's hotel today. Sixty had dinner. Mr Rudd and Mrs came here today. He has shares in the mine. They are very nice people indeed.

1914 The West Kitty Mine, employing about 250 persons, and the Wheal Kitty Mine, employing about 220 persons.

1930 Wheal Kitty mining operations ended

The mine complex then evolved into a small industrial estate, the old mine buildings becoming at various times in their life warehouses, factories, workshops and even net stores for fishermen.

1987 Carrick Council purchased the site in and began a series of projects to "improve" the site for local businesses. Using traditional materials, the scheme, called Wheal Kitty Workshops, will see the former engine house restored and converted into office space. Five new units are also being built for office or workshop use.

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