Coming Home - Rosamunde Pilcher

Adapted from a novel by Rosamunde Pilcher, the two-part British mini series Coming Home re-created the years between 1936 and 1941 as experienced by young and impressionable girls.

Coming Home had filming locations at Prideaux Place, Lelant, Godrevy Point, Penzance, Porthgwarra Beach, Marazion, Cornwall

Peter O'Toole - Colonel Carey-Lewis, Joanna Lumley - Diana Carey-Lewis, Emily Mortimer - Judith Dunbar

Judith Dunbar and Loveday Carey-Lewis come together in a boarding school, became close friends, but are miles apart in social status. Judith's wealthy Aunt Louise dies during the 1940 London Blitz, Judith inherits a fortune, and therefore becomes "acceptable" to Loveday's upper-class family. Complications ensued when Billy Fawcett, the decadent middle-aged sweetheart of Loveday's married mother Diana, began to lust after Judith.

Film and Television locations in Cornwall