Lands End, Cornwall

Lands End was called by the Romans called this area The Sea of Storms. Lands End claim to fame today is that it is the most westerly point in England. Not the most westerly point in Britain (that is in Scotland), not the most southerly point in Britain (that is the Lizard) , not the last point in Europe (Ireland and Iberia are closer to America), not really "land's end", as you can stand on any point on on the North Coast of Cornwall and have no land between you and America. But never the less has a good marketing name.

Lands End has a dramatic coastline from which you an see both the Longships Lighthouse (1.5 miles off shore) and the Wolf Rock Lighthouse (8 miles off shore). On a clear day you can see the Scillies 28 miles away.

If you arrive walking along the Coast Path it is free. Otherwise you pay for everything. The car park and the attractions all cost. The same company owns John O'Groats in Scotland.

Lands End is a major tourist destination, the site is now very commercialised and there are a number of tourist attractions here. The Experience offers audio-visual presentations, craft shops, bars, restaurants, exhibitions and even boats to play on. And there is still the famous signpost where you can pay to have your photo taken, and gives the distance to your home town. You can visit the First and Last House or take a walk along the Dollar Cove suspension bridge

The cliff path south from the area crosses some breath taking cliff scenery. Off shore are a number of rock and reefs - "Armed Knight", "Dr Johnson's head", "Irish Lady", "Kettles Bottom, "Enys Dodman"

Lands End is the starting or finishing point for record breaking attempts to and from John O'Groats in Scotland. People walk, run, cycle, go by scooter, and so in in an attempt to find a record that they can break

Lands End signpost

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