Wheal Ann Mine, Cornwall

Wheal Ann Mine, Cornwall

Wheal Ann is one of the two landmark engine houses of Trumpet Consols. Wheal Ann mine was one of several that worked North-South lodes which contained tin and some copper. Wheal Ann's working periods date from 1793 (possibly before) when a steam engine was erected on the site.

1812 to 1848 a 45inch cylinder pump engine connected to a wooden bob drained the mine.The engine and wooden bob moving to nearby Wheal Valls until finally broken up in 1889, probably being the last of its kind in the county. The wooden bob is unusual as cast iron bobs were the norm during the of the nineteenth century, so this would have been amongst the last in Cornwall of its kind.

Wheal Trumpet engine house is situated on the Old Trumpet Sett. This along with Wheal Noon and Wheal Valls, to the south, amalgamated to form Trumpet Consols in 1845. During this re-working, the Valls section proved very productive but the only new development was the opening of the Wheal Dream area to the west.From the lay-out and features of the engine house it probably housed a 30inch to 40inch winding engine.

One source states that this engine wound from Wheal Valls engine shaft over 1,880 feet distant by use of flatrods.

1840's closure was due to the death of its main shareholder and driving force, Thomas Teague. Machinery for sale at this time included a pumping engine and 16inch steam winder.

1830's A boiler exploded on the Wheal Ann sett, the resultant explosion being heard in the Wendron Churchyard.

1850 July 19th
On Thursday, a fatal accident occurred to a man called ROGERS at Trumpet Consols mine, Wendron, whilst blasting a hole. It appears that Rogers and his son where at work in one of the deep levels, and having prepared a hole for blasting, the safety fuse was applied in the usual way, but without effect. The men waited the usual time, and on heaving the place, the father discovered a light, and at once flung his son backward, but before he could effect his own escape, the hole exploded, and he was killed on on the spot.

1860's There is a reference in J H Collins' mining journal of a Trumpet United, formerly Wheal Ann, having a period of working using a 30inch pumping engine. Levels at one time connected Ann with the Trumpet Consols sett further south but dams blocking these links were put in following Ann's closure. Ultimate depth of Ann being 142 fathoms.

1859 Richard Quentrall is listed as manager of Trumpet Consols from 1859-1869, 1871-1881, and as Chief Agent 1884-1888. He was holding the same sort of positions in East Lovell mine at this time.

1873 Kellys Directory TRUMPET CONSOLS TIN MINE Is in the parish of Wendron, 2 miles distant from Helston, and 8 from Camborne, Penryn and Redruth. the nearest shipping port is at Porthleven, 4.5 miles from the mine. It is worked for tin by a costbook company, and held on a 21 years lease from 1871, granted by the Duchy of Cornwall and John Michael WILLIAMS esq., at a royalty of 1-24th. The country is granite, and there are eight known lodes in the sett, bearing east and west, with a north underlie. the company are working on four lodes of the sett. There are six chief working shafts. There are tow steam pumping engines, with a 48-inch and a 40-inch cylinders, three steam winding engines, and 18-inch 4 feet stroke, 24 inch 8 feet stroke, and a 25.5 inch with a 9 feet stroke. It has 25 heads of stamps worked by water power.Purser Henry ROGERS of Helston. manager Richard QUANTRELL. Chief Agent John GLUYAS

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