Wendron Mining Area, Cornwall

Wendron Mining Area, Cornwall

Wendron Mining District has one of the longest histories of tin working of any district in Cornwall . By the 1580's underground mining was well advanced within the District when it was recorded that two of the three most important tin mines in Kerrier were Roselidden, later part of the Trumpet Consols group, and Porkellis Mine. The number of recorded mineral ventures within Wendron is 640.

1779 Wendron Parish was the most populated mining district with 9,000 inhabitants - Camborne, Redruth and Illogan, considered by many the most important mining districts, had a combined population of 4,400 demonstrating that Wendron was still the most important mining district.

Sites overlying and immediately surrounding the Tregonning granite tended to yield tin, whilst the majority of the mines to the north and west were important early copper producers. Many of these rich but often shallow copper mines had already been abandoned by the 1840’s.

Only two books have been published on the mining industry of the District: Wendron Tin by A.K. Hamilton Jenkin (commissioned by Poldark Mine) 1978 and The Tin Streamers of Wendron by Justin Brooke 1994. The District was missing from Hamilton Jenkin's series 'The Mines and Miners of Cornwall'.

WEST KERRIER: Breage, Sithney & Wendron Areas
Name of Mine Principal Shafts Chief Produce Notable Minerals
Basset & Grylls Smyth's, Wheal Ash, West, Engine, Crase's, Stamps, Waterwheel, Goatley's, Little Engine and Tyack's shafts TIN Jasper
Calvadnack Engine, Painter's    
Carnmeal Mine      
Carleen Mine, Breage      
Charlotte United Mines, Perranuthnoe      
Chyandour, Penzance      
Croft Gothal Mine      
Darlington Mine (Bog Mine; incl. East & West Darlington Mines)      
Dolquoth Mine (Wheal Elizabeth)      
Ennys Wheal Virgin      
Garth Mine, Burya's Bridge      
Godolphin   COPPER  
West Godolphin      
Great Work Mine Leeds Engine, Burnt Whim, Crane, Fire Engine and Pensandane shafts TIN & COPPER  
Halamanning Mine      
Lady Gwendolen Mine      
Leeds & St Aubyn   TIN  
Leeds Mine
North Lovell Garlidna Old Engine TIN  
Penberthy Croft Mine (Wheal Fancy)      
Pengelly Croft Mine   TIN  
Perran Silver Mine      
Polhigey Robert's shaft    
Rinsey Cove      
Rinsey Head      
Roskrow United Mine (South Tresavean Mine)      
Silver Hill Mine (Wheal Helston)      
Swanpool Mine      
Sydney Godolphin Mine      
Tolvadden Mine      
Trebolence Mine      
Tregurtha Downs Mine      
Tremenheere   TIN  
Trewavas Head      


  TIN & COPPER Magnetite & Pyrites
Trevarno Mine      
Trevenen Mine      
Wendron Consols Middle, Harris's, Fergus', Wheal Fat, Middle Work, Teague's, Julian's, Robartes    
Wheal Ann United   TIN  
Wheal Anna Maria      
Wheal Caroline      
Wheal Christopher Consols   TIN  
Wheal Clinton      
Wheal Cock Easthorne's, Wheal Cock & New    
Wheal Emma      
Wheal Enys (Vernon)      
New Wheal Fortune      
Great Wheal Fortune   TIN & COPPER Pyrites & Wolfram
South Wheal Fortune   COPPER  
Wheal Friendship      
Wheal Henry (West Tolvadden Mine)      
Great Wheal Lovell      
Wheal Godolphin      
Wheal Grey      
New Wheal Hendra
Wheal Henry      
Wheal Kendall      
New East Wheal Lovell Roger's, Colonel's shaft TIN  
Wheal Magdalen      
Wheal Merth Engine shaft
Wheal Merry      
Wheal Metal      
Wheal Neptune      
Wheal Pool, Helston      
Wheal Prosper & Prosper United Michell's, Engine & Leeds' shafts COPPER &TIN  
Wheal Prospidnick   LEAD Wolfram & Pyrites
Wheal Trewavas New Engine, Old Engine & Diagonal Shafts COPPER
Great Wheal Vor Crease's, Trelawny's, Pearce's & Woolf's shafts TIN & COPPER Wolfram & Pyrites
Wheal Vor, Penhale   TIN Galena & Pyrites
East Wheal Vor Bailey's TIN Malachite
Wheal Vrawz   TIN  
Wheal Penrose, Porthleven Cargodna   Pyrites
Wheal Prosper      
Wheal Prospidnick      
Wheal Rib, Porthleven      
Wheal Reeth      
Wheal Rose, Porthleven      
Wheal Sithney & Carnmeal United   TIN Pyrites
Wheal Trannack   COPPER Garnet & Pyrites
Wheal Unity (Trenance Mine; Predannack Wartha; Wheal Foss) Mullion      
Wheal Vyvyan      
Wherry Mine      


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