Halamanning Mine, Cornwall

Halamanning Mine, Cornwall

Together with the Croft Gothal and Retallack mines, this mine exploited a tract of land between Higher Downs and the River Hayle. Worked from 1830 to 1858, and re-worked in 1912. Ref.: B. Atkinson: Mining Sites in Cornwall, Vol. 2, Dyllansow Truran (1994)

However it would appear to have been operating earlier, fram letters from James Watt

Letter, Watt to Wilson regarding narrative of the case of Halamanning mine Item 1 folio Manuscript 9 Apr 1794

Endorsed: Ja[me]s Watt 9 Ap[ri]l 1794. Addressed to: Mr Thomas Wilson, Truro, Cornwall

''London Ap[ri]l 9th 1794
Dear Sir
With this you will receive my narrative of the case of Hallamanin, on which you will please make your remarks & corrections, and if you can not get franks, send them, the remarks on a seperate sheet & retain the originals as we have kept copies here.
One principal Matter is the letters I wrote to you after that unpropitious meeting with Simcocks. I presume they contained our idea of what passed we are sent correct extracts of them. However by their subsequent conduct they have compleatly done away all agreement, & they and we must now stand upon our respective rights, particularly their right to disobey the Chancellors mandate.
I am not sorry for their obstinacy it cannot injure us, & will serve to show what sort of men we have had to deal with.
Bills are in readiness for all upon the Delinquent list, & if they do not make up matters with you in time will be proceeded upon without Mercy & whoever does come in must not be credited without they immediately sign a memorandum of agreement to the purport of what is agreed on with them - Hallamanin bill is filed but wants amendment by the addition of the narrative now sent & the names of more ad[venture]rs in doing which no time should be lost.
I remain Dear Sir
Yours sincerely
James Watt''

Letter, Watt to Wilson regarding the case against Halamanning mine Item 1 folio Manuscript 12 Apr 1794

Endorsed: Ja[me]s Watt 12th Ap[ri]l 1794. Addressed to: Mr Thomas Wilson, Truro, Cornwall

''London Ap[ri]l 12th 1794
Dear Sir
I rec[eive]d yours, with the statement of Hallam[ani]n which seems correct - Whitmon, who formerly waited on us with Simcox, confirms our opinion of the offer we made them, vizt, that when paid in full for Engines on Hall[amani]n & Retallack, if they sh[oul]d want more power we sh[oul]d make no add[itiona]l charge of premium. However we consider all that passed on that Score & the Engrossed agreement to be interely done away by their refusing to execute or implement it by paying the growing premium, and you will therefore make out their account charging them £50 per month for the time they have wrought that Engine & make a demand there for from their agent, assigning the above reason, and you will inform them that we have filed a Bill in Chancery ag[ains]t them on that account as well as for erecting Bulls Engine & completing the same not withstanding notice of the Injunction ag[ains]t Bull, which may not turn out quite so inefficacious a measure as they think. On the letter head you have no proposals to make them except what I before intimated of their compleating Agreement as usual for Both Engines. Mr Weston has written to Mr Edwards respecting Bulls contumacy & we beg you will assist him in procuring evidence there of, say affidavit as to the facts, viz of Bulls having notice of the Injunction having been ordered & if his having not withstanding by himself or others proceeded to complete the Engine.
These affidavits must be in the cause B[oulton]&W[att] versus Bull, and also seperately in the cause B&W versus Sir Christo[phe]r Hawkins & Hallamanin Adv[enture]rs. If knowledge of the Injunction & after proceeding can be proved by affidavits, B[ull] will probably be brought to London in custody of a Kings Messenger & committed for contumacy & the Engine stopt by Injunction. It would be well also that you could prove the circumstance of the circular letters you mention especialy if it could be made appear that W[att]s wrote them he might get a few words of advice in regard to his future conduct - We want the names & places of above of Herland Adv[enture]rs we have the former but not the latter, our case ag[ains]t Hallamanin is now pretty clearly made out & looks well. As to the desision in C[ommon]. P[leas]. they build so much upon, we give ourselves little anxiety, as we hope it will be for us & in case it is not it cannot end there nor can it be definitive next term in any event without they give it up. I hope you will speedily recover from your illness, & pluck up your spirits. We have no cause to despair.
Your's sincerely
James Watt

Today at Halamanning, as well as at Wheal Alfred, Binner Downs, Penberthy Crofts and other sites which have not been reclaimed to agriculture, the importance of mining within this district is still to be seen in their waste dumps, the scientific value of which is increasingly being recognised by geologists.

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