Wheal Hermon Mine, Cornwall

Wheal Hermon Mine, Cornwall

The Wheal Hermon mine was started in 1821 as Wheal St Just, with a single shaft sunk on the Hermon lode at a place just above the high water mark. The lodes outcrop on the foreshore and in the cliffs where in many places they have been worked open to surface. This mine was worked below the foreshore and there has been much speculation about what may be left behind it has been prospected several times during this century most recently during the late 1960's early 70's.

However the Trevithick Society records it as Wheal Hermon 1560-1976. And York Archeological Trust record that they dated " a medieval wood and iron drainage pump tube from the ancient copper mine at Wheal Hermon, Cornwall (for the National Trust);

1822, it was worked as Wheal Hermon.

1890 some exploration work was carried out on Bollowall Common, with the formation of a new mine with an old name: Wheal Bellan. This was situated in the western end of the Cot Valley and was intended to work the lodes of St Just United and Wheal Hermon at depth and out to sea. But very little mining took place here and the site was abandoned after World War II.


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