Wheal Edward Mine, Cornwall

Wheal Edward Mine Cornwall

Wheal Edward. Mined for Tin, Copper, Bismuth, Uranium, Pitchblende and Arsenic. Eventually owned by Geevor Tin Mines plc. Wheal Edward, pitchblende is said to have occurred on the 40-fathom level and uraninites on the 20-fathom level with some siderite. The uranium ores were separated from the lode walls by earthy limonite.

1776 On 9 August " Elisabeth Usticke of Penzance, widow, sole owner for life of one pair of tin bound called Wheal Edward Bounds in the tenement of Kanidjack" granted a sett to "Richard Oats, tinner St Just and partner at one fifteenth toll".

Wheal Edward was worked for both tin and copper until 1893 when it closed following an accident in which 19 men and a boy where drowned. 2 engine houses here. Workings were linked to Wheal Drea and Wheal Owles.

Wheal Edward had 30" engines (heavy pumping unnecessary), 2 inclined shafts with a gradient of 1 in 3. The shaft a little way from the engine houses is still visible

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