Wheal Bellan Mine, Cornwall

Wheal Bellan Mine, Cornwall

Wheal Bellan worked several veins on the north slope of lower Cot valley and the adjoining cliff, its sett included the area between Bosorne Mine and St Just Amalgamated Minest.

The main shafts were Badger's shaft, of which a chimney and several dumps remain, and Bellan shaft, a little further southeast.

Wheal Bellan mill was built about 1914 and modified in the late 1940s. Similar to Botallack, this mill was originally operated by electricity produced by the onsite production of coal gas. Later electricity was produced using a Pelton wheel, the remains of which can be seen on the south side of the stream.

Ore from the mine was crushed near the No.1 Shaft and then ran down to ore bins behind the 10-head Californian stamp battery. After secondary crushing the ore was passed over one or two shaking tables and then buddles (later Frue vanning tables were introduced)

In April 1914 some 100 men worked here under Captain N. Nichols, when the equipment included six Frue vanners and two buddles.

1947 The mill was finally dismantled and its machinery shipped to Nenagh in Ireland.

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