Great Trevegean Mine, Cornwall

Great Trevegean Mine

Great Trevegean Mine, Nanquidno, St Just, Worked for tin from 1837 to 1876 (total output: 20 tons). Located on Nanquidno Downs, just south of Land's End Aerodrome. This is south of St Just. Ref.: B. Atkinson: Mining Sites in Cornwall, Vol. 2, Dyllansow Truran (1994)

1873 Kellys Directory. Great Trevegean Mine mine is in the parish of St. Just in Penwith situate 1.5 miles from St. Just and 7 from Penzance, which is the nearest railway station and shipping place. The mine is held under lease of 21 years, granted by Messrs. William Chenhalls, Nicholas BOYNS and others, at a royalty of 1-24th, and 6d per ton on iron ore. the mine is worked for tin and iron. There are 5 principal shafts. The mine is worked and drained by water power. The company is on the costbook system, and is in 40 shares. There is a committee of management. Purser Dr. William CHENALLS St. Just. Captain Peter EDDY.

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