Rosewall Mine, Cornwall

Rosewall Mine, Cornwall

Rosewall Hill mines were also known as Ransom United Mine. Ancient tin mines. The ruined engine houses are located about 3/4 mile NE of Towednack, at the top of Rosewall Hill.

According to "Myths & Legends of Cornwall" (C.Weatherhill & P.Devereux), the mines on Rosewall Hill were haunted by Knockers (weird sprite-like things). A miner called Trenwith formed a partnership with the Knockers, and benefited from their expertise at mining ore. Trenwith would leave 1/10th of properly dressed ore as payment to the Knockers. This relationship continued after Trenwith's death via his son, who one day sought to cheat the Knockers. The lode then failed, he became a drunk who lost all his father's money and ended up a beggar.

1908 St. Ives Consols and Rosewall Hill and Ransom United and Giew Mine, 2 miles to the south, was taken over by a company known as St. Ives Consolidated Mines Ltd., which continued to work the levels of Trenwith above thc 60 fm. selectively and pick over the dumps for uranium ores.

Rosewall Hill tin mine, Towednack is in the mining district of Towednack, 2 miles from St. Ives, which is the nearest shipping place, and 7 miles from Hayle, the nearest railway station. It is held under a lease of 21 years from 1858, granted by T PRAED esq., and pays due of 1-18th. the depth of the shaft is 180 fathoms, and the deepest level worked is 100 fathoms, below the surface. the machinery for raising, stamping and cleaning the ore is worked by three steam engines and by water power, and there are about 200 hands employed in the various processes. The company is formed on the costbook system. Purser Thomas Wallis ROBINSON. Manager William BUGELHOLE. Captain John WHITE

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