Wheal Friendly Mine, Cornwall

Wheal Friendly Mine

There is a path to the engine house of Wheal Friendly Mine.

The West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser, 11 August 1887, Thursday.
The Late Capt. James Evans. A correspondent writes: - Capt. Evans was born at St. Agnes, and was one of six brothers. His first appointment as a mine agent was at East Crofty mine; he subsequently became associated with his father, who, in connection with Messrs. Daubus, Borrow, and few others, a little over 30 year since were instrumental in so successfully
working the North Pool mine, which gave about £70,000 profit in a very short period. Since than Capt. Evans's mining career has not been a successful one. At one time he was largely connected with the arsenic trade, but latterly tin streaming and farming were his principal occupations; a hard-working man, but the multiplicity of his engagements tended rather to impoverish than to enrich him. Since the West Basset revelations his former mining friends seemed to have stood aloof from him, which, no doubt, accounts for his failing to get a company to work the Wheal Friendly mine a short time since; for, had he succeeded, he would doubtless have, to a considerable extent, retrieved his position. Capt. Evans was married twice; his second wife was Miss Lidgey (daughter of a much-respected Truro man, the late Mr. F. L Lidgey), who survives him.

Little else can be found about the mine

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