Wheel Peevor Mine, Redruth, Cornwall

Wheal Peevor is 2km Northeast of the centre of Redruth. Wheal Peevor Mine was abandoned in 1918. The site today has 3 Grade 2 listed engine houses, plus arsenic calciners, flues and mineral dressing floors.

The site was acquired by the Kerrier Couincil in 2005, with a grant to preserve the remaining buildings

1790 Wheal Peevor was worked for copper at shallow depth as part of it's eastern neighbour Great North Downs Mine.

The remains of the engine houses date from the 1870's, when the mine was operating at considerable depth, primarily for tin.

1887 the mine was no longer economically viable and was abandoned

1912 attempt to re-open, primarily for the extraction of Wolfram. This continued until the end of World War One,

1938 attempt to re-open, but no actual; production

Wheal Peevor was a relatively small mine, but was extremely rich, realising between 1872 to 1889; 3280 tons of black tin, 5 tons of 4% copper ore, 7 tons of pyrite and 12 tons of arsenopyrite.

Between 1912 to 1917 output is recorded as 5 tons of black tin and mixed wolfram concentrates and during 1918, 9 tons of black tin and 31/2 cwt of wolfram. (All figures sourced from The Metalliferous Mining Region of South West England, Volume One, HMSO, Dines 1956).

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