Redruth Mines, Cornwall

Redruth Mines, Cornwall

Redruth, Camborne, Illogan and Gwennap mines are all closely related.

Redruth Area
Name of Mine Principal Shafts Chief Produce Notable Minerals
Great North Downs   COPPER  
Pednandrea   TIN & COPPER Amethyst, Galena & Wolfram
Pennance Consols Mine, Lanner (Lannarth)   COPPER  
Perseverance Mine Walton's shaft and Boundary shaft TIN & COPPER  
North Treskerby   COPPER & TIN  
Tresavean Mine, Lanner (Lannarth)      
Trethellan Mine, Lanner (Lannarth)      
Wheal Boys
Wheal Buller Kistle's shaft
South Buller & West Penstruthal Highburrow; Ward's; Middle; New; & Green's shafts


Wheal Cupid (incl. Wheal Lily; Wheal Trefula)      
Wheal Peevor      
Wheal Harmony (Treleigh Wood)   COPPER & TIN Wolfram
Wheal St Aubyn      
Wheal Sparnon   TIN & COPPER Cobaltite, Agate, Bismuth, Pyrites, Lead & Gold
Wheal Tolgus Calciner      
East Wheal Tolgus   COPPER & TIN  
Great South Tolgus Mine   COPPER & TIN  
West Wheal Tolgus   COPPER  
Wheal Trefusis   TIN & COPPER  
Wheal Union   COPPER & TIN  
East Wheal Uny (Wheal Bucketts)   COPPER  
Wheal Uny No.1; Gooding's; Joseph's; King's; Cooks; Incline; Hind's and Hind's Engine shaft


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