Wheal Uny Mine, Cornwall

Wheal Uny Mine

Wheal Uny is on the northern outcrop of the Great Flat Lode; the lode occurs within killas rock close to the granite contact. Between 1826 and 1856 records show that Wheal Uny produced 755 tons of 4.5% copper ore and 7,660 tons of black tin (Dines, 1956).

Wheal Uny mine was opened at the end of the 19th century, but was only operational for a short period. It closed in 1893. The engine used at the mine had already been installed in two mines previously, and is typical how mine parts were reused.

The company that ran the group of mines east of Church Town (East Wheal Uny, Clijah, Wentworth, Wheal Buckets, Wheal Perseverance) was liquidated in 1837, and Wheal Uny itself was closed and put up for sale in 1839.

East Wheal Uny (Wheal Buckets) worked from 1846 to 1850, producing 2,700 tons of copper. A very large dump and a shaft survive near the junction of the Helston-Redruth roads. Ref.: B. Atkinson: Mining Sites in Cornwall, Vol. 2, Dyllansow Truran (1994). In 1845 James Sims erected an engine at Wheal Buckets.

1883. East Wheal Uny is 1 mile from the town of Redruth, which is the nearest railway station. The nearest port is Portreath, 4 miles distant. the mines are held under a lease for 21 years, at a royalty of 1-24th for the first 2 years, afterwards 1-22nd, granted by J Buller of Crediton. There are 7 known lodes through the sett. Besides the copper lodes now being worked, the old Clyhah tin lode has been lately opened up in the old workings, in the 20 fathom level, on the back of which level a valuable bunch of tin has been discovered. the mine is worked by a 70-inch cylinder engine for draining, a 22-inch winding engine and steam capstan attached, and a 36-inch engine for stamping. the company is on the costbook system, and consists of 6,000 shares, with £1 5s paid, representing a capital of £7,5000. Purser R.H.PIKE, CAMBORNE. Agents William RICH and William HUMBLY

Today Wheal Uny today is overgrown, with not much mine waste exposed. Typical vegetation includes gorse, thistles, budlia and purple heather. The main shaft is impressive and has extensive metal capping, but the smaller shafts are simply surrounded by fences. A good way to visit the Wheal Uny mines is to park your vehicle near St Uny church and walk up to the mines from there.

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