Wheal Clifford Mine, Cornwall

Wheal Clifford Mine, Cornwall

Located near Fernsplatt, about 1 km ENE of United Downs. Later part of St Day United Mines

Wheal Clifford produced 50,167 tons of 6.5% copper ore and 365 tons of black tin during the years 1835-61.

1861 Clifford Amalgamated (see below) during the next eight years the group raised 105,000 tons of copper ore, which sold for over £473,000. It also sold black tin, blende, iron pyrites and arsenic.

The principal groups were the Consolidated Mines, consisting of Wheal Virgin, Wheal Lovelace, East Wheal Virgin, West Wheal Virgin, Wheal Fortune, Deedles, Cusvean, Old Carharrack and other smaller mines.
Immediately to the south of the avove, the mines of Poldory, Wheal Cupboard, and Ale and Cakes were consolidated under the name of United Mines.
In 1861 a large combination was effected consisting of the Consolidated Mines, the United Mines, Wheal Clifford, Ting Tang, Wheal Squire, and others and known as the Clifford Amalgamated Mines.
Further consolidation of mines took place in the amalgamation of Poldice, Wheal Gorland, Wheal Unity, Wheal Maiden, Unity Wood, to form the St. Day United.

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