Mawgan, Cornwall

Mawgan, Cornwall

Mawgan offers some pretty cottages, an inn, shop and 12th Century Church nestle in a wooded valley south of the Helford River. The Celtic Cross, dated 600 A.D, is the oldest man made object in the Parish and gives evidence of Christianity at that time.

Mawgan has a stone effigy in the Church of a recumbent crusader, one of the Carminowes, and in the north isle are hung the helmet and sword used by Sir R. Vyvyan in the Civil Wars.

The Parish of Mawgan-in-Meneage, lies south of Helston and controls the land entrance to the rest of Meneage (the Land of the Monks). It consists of a collection of hamlets (Rose in the Bush, Rosevear, Garras, Mawgan Cross and Mawgan Church Town) spread between a number of scattered isolated farms

Many of the small farms still have the usual charming Cornish names, Tregadjack, Bojorrow, Chygarkye, Skyburriowe, Tregear, Tregoose, Roskymer, Gwarth-an-drea, Gilly, Chybilly to name just a few. However, in recent times some of these have been joined together to form larger farms, in theory, to make them more economically viable.

Trelowarren, Mawgan, Cornwall

Near Mawgan is Trelowarren, for 500 years the home of the Vyvyan family. A Tudor house, set in parkland, with neo gothic chapel, stables, a restaurant and craft shop. For Sir Ferrers, the current owner, it remains a work in progress. "Trelowarren is living history, not corporate heritage," he says. "We want to maintain the feel of a traditional working estate that people can share with us."

On the Lizard Downs to the south are the enormous satellite dished of Goonhilly, BT's satellite earth station.. There is a visitor centre at the station. Goonhilly attracts over 80,000 visitors every year and with over 60 Giant Satellite dishes it is the Largest and Oldest Satellite Station on Earth!

On Goonhilly Downs, are many barrows, in which have been found coins and weapons. A "fogou" or cave exists at Trelowarren near the entrance to an ancient entrenchment, the remains of which can still be traced.

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