Trelowarren, Cornwall

Trelowarren, for 500 years has been the home of the Vyvyan family. A Tudor house, set in parkland, with neo gothic chapel, stables, a restaurant and craft shop. Sir Ferrers Vyvyan, the current owner, is restoring the estate. "Trelowarren is living history, not corporate heritage," he says. "We want to maintain the feel of a traditional working estate that people can share with us."

The Vyvyan family trace their ancestry to the time of Edward VI. In the civil wars they were Royalist supporters, and suffered severely from the Parliamentary forces. In recognition of the services rendered by Sir Richard Vyvyan, then the head of the family, during the Civil War, King Charles II presented him with a large painting, by Vandyke, of King Charles I on horseback. That painting hags in tthe house today.

Another Sir Richard Vyvyan , a descendent of this Royalist, was imprisoned in the tower by George I, on suspicion of being concerned in favouring the Pretender for the throne

And another Sir Richard Vyvyan died at Trelowarren on August 15th, 1879. He was a Tory, and represented Bristol in Parliament from the passage of the Reform Bill in 1832 until the dissolution of 1837. In 1841 he was returned as Member for Helston, which borough he continued to represent up to 1857, when he finally retired from public life.