Gweek, Cornwall

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Gweek was once a busy port at the head of the Helford River, it is now a peaceful little village.

Gweek is the the furthest navigable point on the tidal river. As in most Cornish ports, it exported local ore (tin and copper from the mines in Wendron) and imported coal and timber to run the mines. It became a busy port into which all but the largest sailing ships could tie up. As the river gradually silted up due to the waste from the upriver mines, the last cargoes left Gweek's wharves in 1880.

It is thought that there was a port here as long ago as 450 BC when tin was traded with the Phoenicians. In Mediaeval times Gweek became the busiest harbour locally once Helston was abandoned as a port due to the build up of Loe Bar.

Popular with tourists today because of its charm and beauty. There is a local inn, The Gweek Inn

Gweek Cornwall, National Seal Sanctuary

Close to Gweek is the Seal Sanctuary, where you can see the efforts being made to rehabilitate seals injured along the Cornish coast. The Sanctuary is a busy rescue centre, and also has resident Grey Seals, Common Seals, Californian and Patagonian Sea Lions, Goats, Ponies and Otters.

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