Some nice walks in Cornwall

walking in Cornwall

The Cornish Coastal Path is a long distance footpath that wends its way all round the coast from Devon in the North, via Lands End to rejoin Devon again at the south.

Some 268 miles, it started out as a series of local paths that formed the beats of the coastguards in the last century. Eventually it was formed into a public right of way along the entire coast.

Whilst Cornwall does not reach the heights of the Lake District walks in altitude, the Coast Path is none the less a challenging undertaking. Often the path drops to sea level to take in a sandy cove, then climbs rapidly to several hundred feet to return to the cliff tops. Do that five or six times in the morning, and your legs tell you that you have been working out

It is not all hard work, there are lots of gentle stretches for the less strenuously inclined. It is all marvelous scenery. Cornwall has no large towns, so even when the path does pass habitation, you will hardly notice it, as you wend your way past small harbours and beaches.

I have gathered together a few examples of walks for anyone wanting to dig deeper into research on walks, or who wants to get the flavour of the Cornish countryside,

Crantock Beach to Holywell and Perranporth a walk from Corisande Manor's front door
A dozen other walks all the way along the coast every one a gem!

For another view on the Coast Path you could try and join the SW Way Association. Cornwall Coast has lots on the Cornwall coast path

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