Goonhilly Earth Station, Cornwall

Goonhilly Earth station in Cornwall is the biggest operational satellite communications centre in the world. A shuttle bus takes you through the security perimeter into the heart of the communications centre. Learn all about satellite technology in the film theatre. Try you hand at operating an antenna dish for yourself, to pick up television signals or Internet messages from all over the world.

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The satellite dishes at Goonhilly are aimed at every continent, and almost every International news story enters or leaves Britain via these large white discs. Quaintly named after Cornish gods and legends, the dishes have names like Guinevere, Tristan, Isolde, Merlin

goonhilly in Cornwall

The downs themselves are part of the Lizard National Nature Reserve

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BT, who run the site, aim to make you trip entertaining as well as educational. Bore your friends for years with your new found knowledge of how TV, news, phone calls, faxes, Internet messages, get across the globe

Goonhilly Earth Station, Cornwall


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