The Legend of King Arthur in Cornwall


The legend of King Arthur is perhaps the most fascinating and well known of all the Cornish legends. It is believed here that Arthur was a Cornishman, who defeated the Saxons in twelve successive battles
Tintagel Castle is believed to have been the birthplace of Arthur. Undoubtedly fact and fiction have become merged, and the myth lives on. Arthur Mee wrote "In the evening, when the sun is sinking into the Atlantic from something like a flaming battlefield we can think that it is true about Arthur and his knights. A deep sense of something mysterious comes upon us". The symbolism of Arthur and what he stood for is as valid today as it has been down the ages - remember Jack Kennedy and his Camelot. arthur
tintagel Arthur's last battle is said to have been fought at Slaughterbridge , near Camelford, against his treacherous nephew Mordred. Sir Bedivere was sent to return Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake at Dozmary Pool six miles away on the moor.
And Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem has Arthur being carried down to the narrow harbour at Boscastle, to be carried onto the barge that was to take him to Avalon. It became a Cornish belief that one day Arthur would return to rescue them from bondage

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