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Where we are in Newquay, Cornwall, in spite of, rather than because of, the common agricultural policy, there are still good fresh fish readily available. Mind you, local restaurants and hotels are not falling over themselves to avail themselves of this fabulous fresh ingredient on their doorstep. Regrettably the frozen food companies continue to ship in large quantities of ready prepared fish portions: and the holidaymaker apparently continues to demand them, and in addition consume quantities of crab flavoured sticks imported from Poland.

Anyway, enough of the gloom, on the bright side, we can avail ourselves of extremely good fish. We buy from  Martin's Sea Fresh Fish in Newquay. They have their own boat, and  will give us a ring if they get anything different or special in, like Sea Bass, Bream, Monkfish, Langoustines or Sea Trout where the quantities caught or not sufficient to guarantee a regular supply.

The staple local fish are Plaice ( lovely big, healthy specimen, not those watery things you buy in supermarkets) and Lemon Sole (just as good as Dover Sole here - and they cost you less to buy).

There are a lot of crustaceans caught, but most go straight off to the London or continental markets. Lobster is expensive even here, so dear knows what it costs when it gets to its final destination. I bought a 3lb lobster today, which had been ordered by a couple staying in the hotel, which cost me 15 to buy. The portions were not extravagant after it had been cooked and prepared, so it certainly is a luxury.

A much better buy is the local crab. Better in taste than lobster in my opinion. Hence the great value of crab sandwiches in good pups. We get through vast quantities of crab, and you get a soup from the process as well. It is a very versatile meat, and can be used for the same recipes as lobster as well as some of its own.

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