Cornwall, Cider and Scrumpy

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Cornwall cider Cornish apples

There are a number of cider farms still working in Cornwall. Callestock Cider Farm, Penhallow, near Truro is a good example. They make and sell cider and scrumpy, and have an exhibition on how it is all done.

There were some fifty varities of cider apple grown in Cornwall, though that number is much fewer tioday. Cider apples are not like eating or cooking apples, they are smaller and are usually bitter sweet, or bitter sharp. They have wpnderful rural names like Sweet Hoary Morning or Whimple Honeydrop.

Cider will be made from a blend of various apples. The fizzy commercial stuff is not a patch on the farm cider. If offered the choice, go for the vintage farm cider, and consume it soon after purchase. Keeping it in bottles does not help the enjoyment.

Some cider manufacrurers have overcome the problems with customs and excise, and have started to produce cider brandy (calvados). Though they are now experiencing problems from some of the european countries who want the word brandy reserved for grape based spirits, and they cannot use calvados as that is a regional appellation in France.

Apart from drinking it in its natural state, I should remind you that cider can be used in cooking instead of wine. Any recipe that asks for wine can just as easily and tastily use cider of the required swetness/driness.

If you are having a picnic at lunch time, why not try bread and west country cheese, washed down with scrumpy fresh from the cider farm.

Cornish Mead

Made from Honey, Jamaican Root Ginger and yeast into a wine or liqueur. Known for its aphrodisiac properties (the drink for honeymooners! ), it has lost its popularity in recent years - perhaps the world no longer has need of aphrodisiacs.

Cider makers in Cornwall

Cornish Orchards Cornish Orchards, Westnorth Manor Farm, Duloe, Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 4PW

Cornish Cider Farm Penhallow, Truro, Cornwall. TR4 9LW.

Lizard Cider Barn The Lizard Cider Barn Predannack - The Lizard - Cornwall - TR12 7AU.

Mead Makers in Cornwall

Cornish Mead Company Mead itself, a traditional honey-flavoured wine, is available here in two styles. Cornish Mead Wine at 14 % ABV and Cornish Liquer Mead at 17 % ABV. The fruit wines, of which blackberry is the most popular, followed by elderberry, strawberry, peach, apricot and cherry flavours, are all at 17% ABV.

Nine Maidens Mead offer a range of quality meads from the finest honey available - a selection of the best locally sourced ingredients are then added during the brewing process, helping to achieve the full and balanced flavours found in their fine products.


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