Cornwall - Famous Cornish People

Cornwall has produced many famous people, some born in COrnwall, some lived there but were not born there.

We have got together a list of these people, and presented it in two ways, firstly grouped by what they were known for, and secondly a straight alphabetic list

Acting and Theatre Rowena Cade, founder of the Minack Theatre

Charles Causley, poet

  Samuel Foote, dramatist and actor
  John Nettles, actor, in the series Bergerac and Midsomer Murders
Music George Lloyd, composer
Myth and Legend King Arthur of the Knights of the Round table fame
  Saint Petroc has given his name to the Padstow (Petroc's - stow)
  Saint Piran is the patron saint of tin-miners
Science John Couch Adams, co-discoverer of the planet Neptune
  John Arnold, a Bodmin man, perfected the ships chronometer
  William Bickford, inventor of the safety fuse
  William Cooksworthy found China Clay in Cornwall
  Jonathan Couch was Cornwall's foremost naturalist in the 19th century.
  Humphry Davy, inventor of miners safety lamp
  Sir Goldsworthy Gurney inventor of the 'Limelight' used in lighthouses.
  Richard Lower was involved in some of the earliest experiments with blood transfusions
  Guglielmo Marconi transmitted the first trans-Atlantic radio signal from Cornwall
  William Murdoch, invented domestic gas lighting
  Philip Rashleigh mineral collector
  Henry Trengrouse, inventor of ship to shore rocket line.
  Richard Trevithick, engineer and inventor
Explorers Sir Francis Drake, Elizabethan Sea Dog
  Richard Lander explored the Lower Niger River
  Samuel Wallis, Pacific explorer, discoverer of Tahiti and WallisIsland
Historians A. L. Rowse, historian and poet
Linguists Henry Jenner Cornish language revivalist
  Dorothy Pentreath. the "last" monoglot Cornish speaker
Literary Sir John Betjeman, the former poet laureate
  Maria Branwell mother of the Brontes
  W J Burley , author Wycliffe series
  Daphne du Maurier, writer of Rebecca, Jamaica Inn, etc
  William Golding, author, Lord of the Flies
  Winston Graham wrote the popular Poldark novels
  John Harris, Cornish poet
  Silas Hocking, author
  D H Lawrence, author
  Charles Lee, author
  Rosamunde Pilcher, author
  J B Priestly, author
  Sir Arthur Quiller Couch famous Cornish author and historian
  Derek Tangye author
  D. M. Thomas, is a Cornish novelist, poet
  Mary Wesley, author
  Virginia Woolf, novelist, feminist, essayist.
Military Sir John Arundell commanded Pendennis Castle in Civil War
  Captain William Bligh of Mutiny on the Bounty fame
  Admiral Edward Boscawen, the town of Boscawen, New Hampshire is named after him.
  General Sir Walter Raleigh Gilbert effected conquests in Northern India
  Sir Bevil Grenville Civil War commander and grandson of Sir Richard Grenville
  Sir Richard Grenville a naval captain, commanding the Revenge in the Azores battle
Painters & Sculptors Henry Bone, enamel painer.
  Stanhope Alexander Forbes, artist
  Barbara Hepworth, sculptress
  Bernard Leach, potter
  John Miller , artist
  Ben Nicholson, abstract painter
  John Opie, fashionable portrait painter
  Alfred Wallis, artist
Other Notable People John Carter, smuggler and self styled "King of Prussia"
  Selina Cooper a suffragette and the first woman to represent the Independent Labour Party
  Bob Fitzsimmons , World Champion Boxer
  Thomas Flamank co-leader of 1497 rebellion
  Reverend R. S. Hawker, of Morwenstow Church, wrote "Song of the Western Men"
  Emily Hobhouse formed a relief fund for Boer women in South Africa
  Michael Joseph, or Michael An Gof led the Cornish rebellion of 1497
  William Lovett, Chartist leader
  Dr William Oliver , inventor of the Bath Oliver Biscuit
  John Passmore Edwards, a Victorian philanthropist.
  Andrew Pears, invented the eponymous transparent soap.
  Joseph Thomas Treffry, builder of Par Harbour
  Bishop Trelawny, The hero of the Cornwall's National Anthem - Song of the Western Men.

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