Tim Smit of Eden Project

Tim Smit of Eden Project

Tim Smit is a Dutch British business man and now lives in Fowey, Cornwall. He founded the 'Lost Gardens of Heligan' and the Eden Project, both in Cornwall, England.

Tim Smit was born in the Netherlands on 25 September 1954. He was educated at Cranbrook School, Kent, in England, and then went on to study archaeology and anthropology at Durham University. He worked as an archaeologist for two years before getting into the music business, where he worked for 10 years as both a song-writer and producer. His work as a composer/producer in both rock music and opera yielded 7 platinum and gold discs. Smit worked with artists including Barry Manilow and the Nolan Sisters. He believes that perhaps his greatest contribution to music was to "do a Captain Oates and leave".

In 1987 Tim moved to Cornwall to continue with his music business there. He met John Nelson and together they chanced upon, and later restored, the Lost Gardens of Heligan. These have become the most visited private gardens in the UK and have been voted the Nation’s Favourite Garden. Tim Smit’s book, The Lost Gardens of Heligan, won the Illustrated Book of the Year at the 1997 British Book Awards. The ten-part documentary on the Lost Gardens of Heligan won the Garden Documentary of the Year Award in 1998. Tim Smit has subsequently published Heligan: Secrets Lost in Silence (1998) and The Heligan Vegetable Bible, co-written with Philip McMillan Browse (2000).

When The Lost Gardens of Heligan got off the ground, Tim Smit started looking for other challenges, The Eden Project began as a dream in 1995 and within five years opened its doors to the public in 2000, since when more than 6 million people have come to see it.

The Eden Project is wholly owned by the Eden Trust; a UK Registered Charity. The Eden Project is operated on behalf of the Trust by Eden Project Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Eden Trust. Profits generated by the Eden Project are ploughed back to the Trust. Tim Smit is Chief Executive of Eden Project Limited. He is also:-

Tim Smit lives in Fowey, Cornwall. In his free time he enjoys reading, film, music and art.

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