Monkey Sanctuary

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Near Looe in Cornwall you can find monkeys in all shapes and sizes. It is situated in a beautiful woodland setting overlooking Looe Bay, and for over 30 years, since its founding in 1964 the Victorian house and gardens have been home to a natural colony of woolly monkeys.

Extensive glass enclosures, heated indoor rooms and access to the trees  provides an environment in which the monkeys can thrive. There are now four generations of these beautiful monkeys all born in Cornwall. Inside their territory the monkeys move with confidence and grace, swinging on the ropes and sometimes hanging by their prehensile tails. Young monkeys play together, relax and groom each other. The adult males are strong, swift and agile, and watch over the group.

On fine days the monkeys enjoy leaving their territory and climbing the trees for leaves or nuts. A keeper always accompanies them when they are in the gardens.

The natural habitat of the woolly monkey is the Amazon rain forest, which is threatened with destruction. The monkey sanctuary is a co-operative company run by its keepers, and rescues monkeys from lives of isolation in zoos or as pets.

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