Rillaton Barrow

A 3,000 year-old gold cup found on Bodmin Moor - and once used by King George V as a handy pot for his collar studs - has been named as one of Britain's top ten treasures.

The Bronze Age Rillaton cup was discovered by workmen in 1837 in a burial cairn near Minions. Searching for stone they stumbled across a vault, or cist, in which they found human remains, the gold cup, a sword, dagger and glass beads.

After the workmen's surprise discovery the artefacts were sent as Duchy treasure trove to William IV, who reigned from 1831 to 1837.

Despite their significance, they then fell into obscurity among the royal possessions, only to be picked out by King George V in the early 20th century as a handy container for his collar-studs. It remained in that service until shortly after the King's death, at which point its true identity and importance were re-established and it was placed in the British Museum.