Wayside Folk Museum, Zennor, Cornwall

Wayside Folk Museum, Zennor, Cornwall

Zennor is 4 miles west of St Ives on the B3306 coast road that runs from St Ives to Lands End in Cornwall.

The museum was started by Colonel Freddie Hirst in the 1930's, and has grown over the years into a collection of over 5000 items in 16 display areas.

Lots of stuff is packed into a small site. Outside there is a tea garden, two waterwheels from the Cornish mining industry, and a collection of stone corn grinding querns and stone tools from the area dating back 3000 years.

You can pass through the Cobblers shop, the Wheelwrights, the Tyring shop each with their specialist exhibits. Then on to the Mill building with original machinery and millstones. There is a Blacksmiths forge and many of the items that the local blacksmith produced.

On to an archaeological display, a mining and quarrying section and a 19th century Laundry room.

The "people of Zennor" section details the lives of many who lived in the area, including D.H.Lawrence.

The miller's cottage dates from the 1500's and has a Victorian kitchen and parlour.

The museum allows you to touch and handle many of the exhibits, and it is an interesting place to spend a few hours

The plague stonecan be found outside the museum. The stone marks the boundary of the village, and villagers were not allowed to pass beyond it during the time of the black death.

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