Museum of Submarine Telegraphy, Cornwall

Museum of Submarine Telegraphy, Cornwall

The Porthcurno Telegraph Museum, Cornwall, England, is near the village of Porthcurno. Because of its location near Lands End, Porthcurno was where many submarine telegraph cables came ashore, as messages reached England after their undersea journey from overseas.

Porthcurno has hosted telecommunications since the 1870s. In World War II it was a secret communications bunker. The existing surface buildings were thought to be exposed to attack from the sea or from the air, and in 1941 tunnels were mined into the granite hillside to house the strategic telegraphic equipment.

The museum was started by former employees of Cable and Wireless, and it has been housed in these tunnels. The Museum of Submarine Telegraphy houses early telecom equipment and follows development up to the modern digital equipment of today. The museum also details the history of submarine cable-laying ships and telegraphy.

The PK Trust was set up in 1997 by Cable & Wireless to preserve the historical buildings and collections at Porthcurno

The Trust’s manages Porthcurno Telegraph Museum and also looks after Cable & Wireless historic archive of photographs, films and documents. Porthcurno is now an important centre for the study of communications history.

Porthcurno Telegraph Museum. Cornwall


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