Passmore Edwards Gallery, Newlyn Art Gallery

John Passmore Edwards donated money to put this building up on on land given by the LeGrice family. He had been approached by a deputation of artists from the Newlyn Art Colony, including Stanhope Forbes, to help provide an Art Gallery in Newlyn. It opened in 1895. The artists and craftspeople known as the Newlyn School exhibited their work prior to sending it to the Royal Academy and other prestigious showings.

For the next 50 years it continued to provide a venue for the exhibition of works of artists working in the area. In 1957 the Newlyn Society of Artists became the official tenants of the Passmore Edwards Gallery. In the late 1950s the Gallery received from the Arts Council to help its work.

The Newlyn Gallery continues today, as it was originally set up to do, to offer a show place for the contemporary artists' "for the public good".

In 2005 the Gallery had secured £2.7m for further improvements, including an extension to the original Passmore Edwards building, with completion due in 2007

Newlyn Art Gallery

History of The Newlyn Art Gallery


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