Wheal Lovell Mine, Cornwall

Wheal Lovell Mine, Cornwall

Great Wheal Lovell was worked as Wheal Lovell

1840-45 Mrs. Lydia Taylor, Cornwall's only lady mine manager.

1844 Western Sett Wheal Lovell – Wendron, mine, William Kite of Illogan, purser and agent, Thomas Johns, late of St Agnes but now of Middlesex, former purser and agent

1853. Marriage at Gwinear, on Saturday last, Capt. Richard DAVIES, of Wheal Kitty Consols Mine, St. Agnes, to Rebecca, daughter of the late Capt. George WILKIN, formerly of Wheal Lovell Mine.

1873 Kellys. EAST WHEAL LOVELL TIN MINE WENDRON Is 4 miles from Helston, 6 from Penryn, and 9 from Camborne and Redruth. The nearest railway station is at Penryn, and the nearest shipping port is Porthleven. 6.5 miles distant.
It is worked for tin by cost book company, and held on a 21 year lease, granted by the Duchy Of Cornwall at a royalty of 1-18th. The country is granite, and there are 16 known lodes in the sett, some bearing 25 deg north of east, and the others are nearly east and west, the underlie being North. There are 4 working shafts, with the following depths: 94, 42, 26 and 18 fathoms. The machinery comprises one 50-inch cylinder and one 30-inch cylinder steam pumping engines, and 18-inch steam whim and water power, working 24 heads of stamps and dressing appliances. Purser Henry ROGERS Helston. Manager Roger QUENTRALL. Resident Agent Nicholas PETERS

1873 Kellys. GREAT WHEAL LOVELL TIN MINE, WENDRON. Situated 3 miles from Helston, 7 from Penryn, and 8 from Redruth Camborne. The nearest railway station is at Penryn, and the nearest place for supplies is at Gweek. It is worked for tin by a costbook company, in 4,096 shares, and held on a 21 years lease from 1870, granted by Mr G WATKIN and other lords at 1-18th and 1-20th dues. The country is granite , and there are many lodes in the sett, bearing east and west, with a north underlie. They are at present working upon three lodes, tow of which are North and the other South, 18 to 2 inch in the fathom north. There are two steam pumping engines, one having a 50-inch cylinder and the other a 12-inch, 2 horse whims, and 24 heads of stamps worked by water power, and all appliances for dressing. Secretary Granville SHARP, 2 Gresham buildings, Basinghall Street London. Purser& Resident Manager John BRAY


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