Wendron Consols Mine, Cornwall

Wendron Consols Mine, Cornwall

Northwards the most successful was Wendron Consols Mine, which raised a bit of copper, but much more tin, peaking at 20,913 pounds worth in 1862. The other Wendron mines (New Wendron Consols, West Wendron Consols, Wendron United and Wendron South don't seem to have had the same luck. 1856 Poldark Mine became part of Wendron Consols Mine and is shown on the surface plan of that mine as 'old men's workings' meaning that it was at that date considered a very old mine. The origins of the mine were researched by the late authority on Cornish mining history, Dr. A. K. Hamilton Jenkin.

1864 Wendron Consols was situated to the west of this site and immediately adjoining it. In 1864 the mine sold 117 tons of Black Tin for £7,153 17 shillings and 6 pence. 184 men, 61 women and 50 boys were employed. The mine was 72 fathoms (150 meters) deep. Its machinery included a 60inch cylinder Cornish Pumping Engine and a 20 inch cylinder winding engine. The tin ores were brought to Poldark, then known as Trenear Stamps, where they were treated ready for sale to the smelters. All the women were employed above ground in dressing the tin ores.

1865 Waters, William John Johns. Wendron Consols (Cornwall) Chief Agent 1865.

1872, JOHNS - at Wendron, recently, of bronchitis, Capt Walter Johns, for many years agent in Wendron Consols, aged 44.

Wendron Mining District