West of Cornwall Railway

West of Cornwall Railway

1852 The West Cornwall Railway extended the Hayle Railway westward, the West Cornwall Railway was authorised in 1846, and a passenger service from Penzance to Redruth commenced in 1852, and a little later to Truro.

In 1855 an extension to Newham by the Truro River was opened which served as the terminus until 1859.

The West Cornwall Railway was planned as broad gauge but actually was built in the standard gauge which had already been adopted by the Hayle Railway; and extended to, Truro and Penzance.

The opening of the West Cornwall Railway in 1852, running half a mile north of Chacewater and on the northern edge of the Wheal Busy sett, was not enough to save the ailing mines. The Chacewater area was already suffering from decline; by 1867, only 99 tons were produced at Wheal Busy, and Killifreth had similar problems. The tin market rallied weakly in the 1870s, it never fully recovered locally to the rewarding levels of 1865. Wheal Busy was finally closed in 1873.

After the West Cornwall Railway was converted to broad gauge in 1867 the Truro to Falmouth line tended to be operated as a branch, with the trains from London Paddington station operating to Penzance instead.

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