Cape Cornwall Mine

Cape Cornwall Mine

Cape Cornwall Mine appears to have opened in 1839 and closed finally in 1883, by which time it was part of St Just United.

1839 Cape Cornwall Mine opened

1848 the mine closes. It was then 100 fathoms deep from shaft collar and had a 16-inch winding engine which was also used for pumping. The engine shaft is situated on the south-western corner of Cape Cornwall just a few feet from the cliff edge. The engine house for this working was on the west side of the shaft.

1864 The mine remained closed until 1864 when it was taken up by the St Just Consolidated Tin and Copper Mining Company which acquired the sett for £2,500 and £6,250-worth of fully paid-up shares. A new engine house was built some distance to the east of the shaft and a 26-inch engine installed: this was to wind, pump and stamp. It was at this time that the prominent stack was built on top of the Cape, although Cyril Noall (St Just Mining District) states it was built in the 1850s.

1866 The 26 inch engine was underpowered, and a 30-inch was bought in 1866 to supplement it. A third engine house was built, to the west of the shaft and presumably on the site of the first. This engine was subsequently used to pump and wind, while the 26-inch was relegated to stamping only. Attached to this engine were 32 heads of Cornish stamps, a remarkable feat when it is realised how little space there was available.

1865-67, only a little concentrate was produced during

1870 the mine was offered for sale. After this it was worked under the cost book system, with the former manager, Henry Philips, as purser. Little activity took place beyond driving the 70 and 100 fathom levels as exploratory crosscuts. The 70 eventually stretched for 150 fathoms north-west of the engine shaft.

1870's Cape Cornwall Mine was owned by Richard ('Purser') Boyns, manager of Boswedden and brother-in-law of his namesake.

1873 Kellys. Cape Cornwall mine is in the parish of St. Just in Penwith, situate on the cape from which it takes its name, 1 mile North-west from St Just and 8 from Penzance, which is the nearest railway station and shipping place; the mine is held under lease of 21 years at a royalty of 1-24th. The engine shaft is sunk 100 fathoms from the surface. The mine is worked and drained by a steam engine of 36-inch cylinder. The company is on the costbook system .Purser Henry Lewis PHILLIPS 23, Broad St London. Manager Richard PRYOR of Redruth. Chief Agent James KELLY

1875 The mine closed having produced no more concentrate. Its neighbour, St Just Amalgamated, also closed then, allegedly because the mineral lords would not let the latter work across the boundary of the two setts. However, when Amalgamated was reworked between 1879 and 1888 as St Just United, it incorporated Cape Cornwall although the section was abandoned in 1883.

Production: 1865-67: 18 tons black tin (Dines) 1866-68: 17.2 tons black tin (Burt et al)

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